Viking Arm Tool Uses, Applications, Features, and Specifications

The range of Viking arm tool uses and applications is nearly limitless since it can lift a capacity of up to 330 lb / 150 kg.  The obvious applications include installing windows, cabinets, and doors, although the construction of decks, frameworks and porches, and flooring are excellent uses for this innovative equipment.  The unique structure of the Viking Arm can accomplish this plus a lot more.

Specifications, Applications, and Technical Information

 It is a one-handed high-quality assembly tool for a skilled craftsman.  Its precise millimeter adjustability provides precision configuration for a variety of applications.  Viking arm tool uses include fast and easy assembly of heavyweight objects to enable lowering, lifting, and clamping.  It has a maximum load limit of 150 kg allowed.  Clamping, dropping, and lifting big objects are some of the applications for this machine.

Instructions; to lower or release the clamping tool actuating the left lever enables lower objects with millimeter accuracy, while the complete release is accomplished using the right lever.


The trigger is spring-tensioned, allowing you to expand and lift things with the tool gradually.  It also has the release pump, which facilitates the lowering of the mechanism in a controlled manner.  Heavy items can be gently and accurately placed with minimal pressure on the operator.  The Viking Arm’s maximum weight capacity is 150kg, allowing easy mounting of windows and other elements.

This tool allows you to alter your work parts down to the millimeter precisely.  The expansion power of the Viking arm can be utilized as a setting tool; this is by keeping the pressure on by squeezing the pieces together in a regulated manner.

 With other attachments of different sizes for craft, versatility can switch the Viking’s arm flat panel.  The tool can also be used for clamping, enabling you to trade the tool’s expansion strength for robust clamping with the same simple one-handed technique.  Viking Arm tool uses include fitters, joiners, window installers, plus all other trade forms which require heavy lifting and fine adjustment during independent operation.  

Features and Instructions

The Viking arm tool uses 215mm as the maximum width for external clamping, the range of clamping for internal width as 155-380 mm, an overhang of 38 mm, and the profile thickness is 6 mm.  Kindly note that using the Viking tools to lift an object heavier than the recommended maximum weight or improperly placing a load may lead to bent base plates and lifting bars.  The warranty of the product does not cover such handling of the tool.


The Viking arm tool is essential for lifting, lowering, and clamping heavyweight objects with a maximum weight of 150 kg.  Proper use is recommended as using the device to lift weightier things may lead to its damage.

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