Get A Quote

Before purchasing renters insurance, it’s a good idea to get quotes from several companies for a couple of different types of policies. You are under no obligation to purchase a policy from a company simply because you’ve asked one of their agents to prepare a quote for you. Renter’s insurance quotes are not contracts. A quote is simply an educated estimate of what your costs will be and what will be covered, based upon your answers to a few relatively standard questions.

If you are uncomfortable with speaking to a number of agents who know you are shopping around, there are many websites where you input information only once and receive a number of renter’s insurance quotes from companies you have selected. Getting quotes is a very simple process.

Among the questions you’ll be asked are some that concern the type of rental itself. Is it an apartment, condo, duplex, single family residence or mobile home? What was the year of construction? You’ll be asked to provide the property address, the square footage, number of rooms and proximity to a fire hydrant. The insurers may ask if you own a particular breed of dog, and if your rental is equipped with dead bolts, a fire extinguisher, smoke and fire alarms, or a burglary system. You will be asked if there is a pool, trampoline or fence on the property, as well.

Finally, the insurer will need to know the type of belongings you own, what their value is, and how much personal liability coverage you’d like. You’ll also be asked if you prefer a lower deductible – generally around $300, or a higher one – as high as several thousand dollars. Keep in mind that lower deductibles mean greater coverage but higher premium payments. The insurers will also ask if you’ve had any insurance claims within the last few years, as well as if you currently have renters insurance and are shopping around to replace an existing policy.

Once these questions are completed, you will receive your renter’s insurance quotes within a short period of time and can compare them to make sure you are getting the best deal. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how low the rates are. Along with term life insurance quotes, renters insurance quotes are some of the best bargains a person can buy, providing tremendous financial protection and peace of mind for a very low price.