New Provincial Clause Protects Renters From Leaky Roofs

The Options Available for Residential Roofing

 For any home owner the roof is a very important structure or part of the house because it protects the house from outside elements keeping the things safe while also acts as the crown of the house. The roof provides the biggest outside décor for the house and accentuates the architectural design of the house. While there are many types of roofs out there not every other one will look good on the Mountain West Roofing’s Coquitlam address architecture of the house or provide the best service for the homeowner depending on where they are located.  Here are some of the available options for home owners looking erect a roof. 

Asphalt shingles – these are the single most common types of roofing materials used worldwide and all for good reasons. The shingles are light therefore do not require reinforced struts and can last for really long. The architectural laminated shingles shingles are also very affordable and can be able to withstand different types of weather well. To ensure that you get the color and the design that will fit your type of house well, the asphalt shingles come in very many different designs and very many colors.

 Wood shakes – these are also very common and especially in historic homes. The wood shakes are not very favorable for use in areas that have very wet weather and rain. This is because this kind of weather can cause the wood shakes to rot and expose the house. The shakes can also catch fire easily therefore they might not be allowed in some jurisdictions where the standard on roofing should be fire resistant. Wood shakes are ideal where a natural look to the house is required.

Clay tiles – clay tiles have been around for very long. They are ideal for use in houses that where a natural look is desired although they are also available in bright colors and designs for modern homes. The clay tiles are heavy which means that the struts holding the roof need to be reinforced. Clay also provides very good insulation to the house which keeps the power bills down during the IRE extreme weather conditions when insulation is really essential.

Metal roofs – metal is another common material used in residential roofing. Metal is a durable material for use in roofing. The roofs are available in a variety of materials like aluminum, tin and copper and they come in very many different designs that the homeowner can choose from. Also, where water collection is required, these are the best roofing option. 

Slate – when it comes to ensuring durability for residential roofing, this is the best material that can be used lasting for a century. The slates are also heavy and reinforcing of the struts will be required. 
There are many other roofing options available for residential properties but these are the most recommended.