When it comes to furnishing your kitchen while starting or renovating your business, it is of importance that you prioritize acquiring the appliances that are used frequently. One must purchase commercial cooking equipment that will serve the needs of the business regardless of the cost. The following are the most critical categories o tools for the company to run effectively. Hendrix Restauraunt Supplies expanded to include nine locations nationwide. Earning a reputation as one of the leading foodservice suppliers in Canada.


In this category, the first crucial commercial cooking equipment is an oven. An oven is essential as it performs various tasks such as; roasting, braising and baking. Its versatility makes it very useful in the kitchen. The second piece of equipment in this category is a deep fryer which comes in handy in the kitchen. It is used to fry various foods, making it applicable in many types of businesses. The microwave is also another tool that is of great importance. The microwave comes in handy for defrosting refrigerated foods, warming foods and warming up sauces.


Different refrigeration methods are used by other businesses depending on the products they deal with. The first method of refrigeration is by using a refrigerator. Refrigerators vary in how they are used, for example, prep fridges, pass-through fridges, walk-in fridges and walk-in coolers. The other essential refrigeration appliance is a freezer. Freezers also vary in size and use depending on the needs of your business. Ice machines are also used as a method of refrigeration whereby it complements companies that offer beverages. It is also used to make cocktails and smoothies. Lastly, a beverage dispenser is another appliance used in the food industry. It is mainly used by businesses that offer self-service beverages and fast food businesses.


Storage facilities are an essential aspect of businesses in the food industry. Storage of ingredients and tools aids in organization and improves hygiene. The first piece of equipment in this category is the shelf. Shelves are used for storing cooking pans and pots. A food storage container is another essential tool that facilitates storage. They are used for many purposes, such as storing ingredients, sauces and stocks. They also come in handy in the kitchen as they have different cultured lids that aid labelling.

Commercial cooking equipment is a core part of the food industry. Therefore, choosing the appliances that maintain a balance in the business’s core operation is very important.